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Blast Your Morning Energy To Amazing Levels

Here in the Herbal Groups office we’ve tried several smoothies and found they do indeed give you a great boost of natural energy. Various ingredients can give you the flavor you’re looking for along with a nutritious serving of fruits and vegetables. One of our favorites is a banana orange smoothie fortified with organic kale […] [...more]

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Your mother was right!

“Eating more green vegetables may aid heart health, reduce risk of obesity, diabetes” according to a new study. For years and years you’ve probably heard your mother say that you should eat your vegetables so you could stay healthy and grow up strong. Now studies are showing that what your mom said was right! Read […] [...more]

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Eat More Fruits And Vegetables For Your Health

A recent study noted by the Huffington Post – Healthy Living states eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can significantly improve your chances of not having a heart attack or stroke. Medications can relieve symptoms of high blood pressure and cholesterol but eating a healthy diet is the key to successfully maintaining good […] [...more]

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