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Eating Right On A Budget

We all know the importance of eating a healthy well-rounded diet of foods that nourish our bodies. But oftentimes we’re looking to save money at the market and this can lead to making bad choices. It’s easy to reach for a bag of low cost chips that may be filling but are loaded with sodium […] [...more]

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The Naughty Food List

The holidays have arrived. And with that arrival so has overeating and food choices that aren’t necessarily the best for you health. Most people pack on a few pounds due to the sheer volume of food that is presented and the lack of willpower. We’ve found a list of “naughty foods” to avoid this season. […] [...more]

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Will travel for food…..vegan food!

We’ve stumbled upon an interesting tale of a woman named Kristin that is travelling the US, purely on donations, in search of vegan restaurants. She has taken to the road in August 2011 and plans on wrapping up the cross country tour in May 2013. Her blog is filled with interesting tales from numerous locations […] [...more]

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Is the Paleo Diet a legitimate nutritional alternative?

Over the past few years a new diet has emerged that is gaining adherents and also getting detractors. It’s called the Paleo Diet and it’s based on the diet habits that are thought to have been part of the paleolithic lifestyle. The paleolithic era began 2.5 million years ago and ended 20,000 years ago. It’s […] [...more]

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