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Exercise for Prostate Health

As men age their prostate glands can increase in size (benign prostatic hyperplasia known as BPH) and begin to cause problems such as urinary symptoms, a feeling of having to “go” all the time, or difficulty in starting your stream. An analysis done by the School of Medicine at UC San Diego found “that moderate […] [...more]

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Cold Weather Exercise

The winter months are upon us and the cold weather has arrived with force for many states in the USA. However, this shouldn’t stop most people from exercising or modifying their current routine to fit the unique weather in their micro-climate. Dressing right and preparing for the workout are the keys to success. Check out […] [...more]


Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain strikes almost everyone at sometime in their life. Unfortunately rheumatoid arthritis can develop as we age and this painful, debilitating condition, can cause us to slow down or eliminate our favorite exercises and activities. Everyday.com details 7 exercise tips that can help relieve discomfort from arthritis. According to rheumatologist Hareth Madhoun, DO,“This decreased […] [...more]

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Crossfit – Lessons Learned

Crossfit has been taking the fitness world by storm since it’s beginnings in 2000. With gyms, or “boxes” as the aficionados refer to their gyms, popping up across the country it’s very clear that this unique workout program is here to stay. With this established history Crossfit athletes have information to share with new-comers that […] [...more]

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Get Rid of Cellulite

Perhaps nothing worse to a woman’s body image than cellulite. This type of fat accumulates on the butt and the back of the legs and is often dimply and jiggly in appearance. What’s a woman to do to get rid of this pesky problem? First, watch what you’re eating. The old saying, you are what […] [...more]

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Regular Exercise and Your Health

Getting a regular exercise routine going can dramatically improve many facets of your physical health. Weight loss, better attitude, and even better intimacy. Check out these 7 Benefits of Regular Exercise and see how much better your life can be with just a small change in activity. There are many forms of exercise that are […] [...more]

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Exercise Frequency For Success

Exercise is a habit many people should be actively participating in. Getting outside in the fresh air can bring you many health benefits. But a common question is how much exercise do I need and what should I do to get the most benefit, and specifically how much should I do to lose weight? Exercise […] [...more]

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Walking For Joint Health

A very simple walking routine can bring about numerous benefits to your health. Here is a quick breakdown of what walking can do for you. Walking Is Easy If you’re physically able to walk you can definitely start a daily program. There’s no cost and you can head out your front door and start at […] [...more]

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Stretching Exercises For Improving Health

In our busy lifestyle we often don’t take good care of our health and fitness. We’re often so busy during the week with work and responsibilities that we don’t build in time to care for ourselves. This neglect can lead to stiff muscles and achy joints. The solution is stretching. It’s easy to do and […] [...more]

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Exercise: What is the best amount for longevity?

Exercise and its benefits are well-known for improving health and wellness but there is confusion on just how much exercise is really necessary for optimum heath. Two recent studies have taken a thorough review of exercise habits to see how exercise plays into longevity. In the larger study a group of over 600,000 adults had […] [...more]

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