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All those fruits and veggies may be sabotaging your diet

  Have you been eating healthy foods, but still aren't losing weight? You may want to take an herbal diet supplement like Body Sculpt Rx from Herbal Groups to help you shed pounds, and maybe start looking at your portion sizes. According to Brooke Schantz, a dietitian from Loyola University Health System, it is possible to […] [...more]

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Get in shape like Catwoman, and relieve arthritis while you’re at it

  Did you catch the latest installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy this weekend? If so, or even if you've just seen the advertisements, you've seen actress Anne Hathaway looking sleek and trim as Catwoman. If her look inspired you to shed some pounds, consider taking an herbal diet supplement from Herbal Groups. Recently, The […] [...more]

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Keep those pounds at bay while on vacation

  Are you trying to shed some pounds this summer? If you are, you'll want to be sure to take an herbal diet supplement from Herbal Groups and plan your vacation very carefully. Why does your vacation matter? According to Wyndham Weekly, UK travel company Fly Thomas Cook recently conducted a study which found that […] [...more]

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Is your weight destroying your sex life?

  If you're having trouble satisfying your partner in bed, you may want to reach for an herbal diet supplement from Herbal Groups before trying an herbal male enhancement supplement. According to a recent article published in the Huffington Post by licensed psychotherapist and weight loss expert William Anderson, your weight may be responsible for […] [...more]

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Sex as a weight loss tool?

  If you need to shed some pounds, you may want to pick up both an herbal diet supplement and an herbal male enhancement supplement from Herbal Groups. Why the enhancement supplement, you ask? That's because these pills may help boost your confidence in the bedroom, which, according to the world's heaviest woman, is the […] [...more]

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TV causes kids to pack on the pounds

  One of the greatest health challenges our country is facing is the obesity epidemic, since one-third of all Americans are obese. If you need to shed some pounds, you should eat right, exercise and take an herbal diet supplement from Herbal Groups. Furthermore, if you're a parent you need to make sure you're doing […] [...more]

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Overweight? You may want to get your colon checked

  Herbal colon cleansing products, such as Intra Cleanse from Herbal Groups, may help you lose weight. This is particularly important for colon health, considering that a recent study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology showed that overweight and obese individuals may have a higher risk of colon polyps, known as adenomas. "Because there […] [...more]

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Having trouble losing weight? Write down everything you eat

  Have you tried many diets out there, only to find yourself with more weight to lose? If so, you should look into herbal diet supplements such as Body Sculpt Rx from Herbal Groups, and try keeping a food journal. According to scientists from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, women who keep an accurate […] [...more]

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Are your friends making you fat?

  Do you find that you have a hard time losing weight? If you've been trying to shed pounds for years and nothing seems to work, then try taking an herbal diet supplement from Herbal Groups, which may help improve your metabolism using natural ingredients. Recently, a study from Loyola University suggests that if you're […] [...more]

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Beat the heat during your summer workout

  Summer is here, and even though it's hot out, you shouldn't abandon your workout routine. If you're trying to lose weight this summer, you need to exercise regularly, eat right and take an herbal diet supplement from Herbal Groups – even in the hottest months of the year. Recently, The Huffington Post published an […] [...more]

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