Sickness Prevention

Spring cleaning may actually be good for your health

After a long and frigid winter, spring is finally here, which for many can include a major house cleaning. However, spring cleaning may actually be good for your health and may even help dramatically with sickness prevention. Indoor allergens, such as dust mites, pet dander and mold, that accumulate on floors, shelves and under furniture […] [...more]

Tips to help keep you feeling young and looking great

Physical exercise has long been known for its incredible health benefits. The Mayo Clinic reveals that exercise boosts the immune system and aids in sickness prevention. Additionally, physical activity helps the body drop unnecessary weight and increases one's overall level of confidence. However, a healthy lifestyle is not limited to engaging in physical activity. According to News […] [...more]

Aspirin may reduce chances of death from cancer

It has long been known that aspirin possesses anti-inflammatory properties and may be a powerful tool for sickness prevention. It's used to treat both minor ailments – such as headaches, fevers and muscle pain – and more significant health issues, including arthritis and even lupus. Now, a new study suggests that aspirin may also be […] [...more]

Sickness caused by imported foods increasing

People interested in sickness prevention may want to take extra note of where their food is coming from. A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that cases of foodborne illness caused by imported food increased in both 2009 and 2010. In addition to individual illnesses, the report identified an increasing […] [...more]

Drinking may reduce stroke risk

  Eating right and exercising can be hard work, but these are important parts of sickness prevention, since a poor diet and obesity are associated with an increased risk for a number of conditions, such as heart disease and cancer. However, sickness prevention doesn't always have to be a chore, as researchers have recently found […] [...more]

To avoid heart disease, give up the sugary beverages

  Individuals who are interested in sickness prevention should educate themselves on the foods they should avoid if they want to stay healthy. For example, a recent study published in Circulation, an American Heart Association journal suggests that men who drink sugar-sweetened beverages have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease than those who do […] [...more]

Tree nuts may help prevent chronic conditions

Sickness prevention doesn't always mean that a person has to get a shot or take medications. Sometimes, preventing illness can be as simple as making changes to your diet. For example, as part of National Nutrition Month, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is highlighting how individuals can help avoid heart disease by switching out […] [...more]

Can broccoli help prevent cancer?

  Health-conscious individuals who are interested in sickness prevention have probably heard that eating fruits and vegetables has been linked to a decreased risk of a number of illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. However, many individuals may not know how foods can actually work to prevent diseases. Recently, scientists from the Linus Pauling […] [...more]

What can you do to stop colon cancer?

  Taking an herbal colon cleansing supplement is one way individuals can help improve their health and potentially reduce their risk of disease. The National Center for Biotechnology Information states that colon cancer can be caused by a high fat, low fiber diet, which suggests that there are lifestyle changes that people can make to […] [...more]

Moderate exercise may reduce the risk of a cold

  January is a time when many people try to lose weight. These individuals should consider taking an herbal diet supplement, along with getting regular exercise. According to research presented at the Association for Science Education (ASE) Conference on December 30th, participating in moderate physical activity may not only help a person shed pounds, but […] [...more]