Prostate Health

Robot surgically removes prostate for first time

Prostate cancer is a serious disease, which is why health professionals encourage individuals to do everything in their power to reduce their chances of developing the condition. Eating healthy and taking a natural prostate pill are steps which may help to fight prostate cancer. But for those who do develop the disease, a new advancement […] [...more]

Study finds botanical formula effective against prostate cancer

A natural prostate pill may be a useful tool for improving prostate health in men. Now, a study suggests that a botanical formula may be effective for fighting prostate cancer. In a paper published in The International Journal of Oncology, researchers found that a botanical formula offered multiple cancer-fighting mechanisms that combine to make it […] [...more]

New study may yield insight into prostate cancer

Anyone looking to boost his prostate health may want to consider taking a natural prostate pill, as well as eating right and exercising. Additionally, a new study out of Marshall University studying the effects of cadmium on prostate cells may yield new insights into how cancerous tumors develop. The study, published in the scientific journal […] [...more]

Health Canada warns of increased risk of prostate cancer from hair loss drugs

Taking a natural prostate pill may contribute to improved prostate health. Now, a new warning from Canada's health department recommends that men concerned about prostate health should also be wary of hair loss drugs.  Health Canada recently completed a four-year study of the relationship between daily use of hair loss drugs and instances of prostate […] [...more]

PSA-based screening reduces death from prostate cancer, but not overall mortality

  Men who are concerned about prostate health may want to consider taking a prostate health supplement to improve their overall wellness. Additionally, men should consider researching the various prostate cancer screenings and treatments that are available. Unfortunately, knowing which methods are effective and which aren't can be difficult, and a new European study further […] [...more]

PSA tests may help reduce prostate cancer deaths

In addition to a prostate health supplement, men concerned with their prostate health may want to consider prostate-specific antigen (PSA).  A new study of men from eight European nations over the course of 11 years found that those who received PSA screenings died from prostate cancer at a 21 percent lower rate than those who […] [...more]

Circumcision may promote prostate health

  There are many things a man can do to boost the health of his prostate, such as following a healthy diet and taking a natural prostate pill. According to a recent study, being circumcised is another thing that may promote a healthy prostate. The scientists found that circumcision can hinder infection and inflammation that […] [...more]

Skip the bike ride before a prostate cancer screening

  Men who eat right, exercise, visit the doctor often and take a natural prostate pill should feel confident that they are doing a good job of protecting the health of their prostate. Of course, no matter how healthy a man's lifestyle is, they still have a chance of developing prostate cancer. According to the […] [...more]

Exercise and eat right to help avoid an enlarged prostate

  Prostate health is something that should be on the forefront of every man's mind, especially since prostate enlargement happens to almost all men as they get older. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, this can cause problems with urination and incontinence. What can men do to help this part of the body? […] [...more]

Foods to help fight prostate cancer

Men who have a diet high in fats, especially animal fats, have an increased risk of developing prostate cancer, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Some people may not realize how diet can affect their risk of cancer. For example, there may be men who exercise and take a natural prostate pill to […] [...more]