Prostate Health

Best Foods for Prostate Health

Maintaining a healthy prostate should be a goal for all men. As they age the prostate can increase in size bringing several symptoms to the forefront which can decrease quality of life. According to Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, a nutrition expert, “Building a meal and snack around veggies and fruit is a smart idea for […] [...more]

Exercise for Prostate Health

As men age their prostate glands can increase in size (benign prostatic hyperplasia known as BPH) and begin to cause problems such as urinary symptoms, a feeling of having to “go” all the time, or difficulty in starting your stream. An analysis done by the School of Medicine at UC San Diego found “that moderate […] [...more]

Prostate Health Remedies

As men age their prostate gland can increase in size causing frequent urination, incomplete elimination, and a feeling of “having to” all the time. However, nature has solutions that can provide real results if you just take charge and let them work for you. has compiled 6 solutions you can try to get your […] [...more]

Prostate Trouble

As men age there is an increased risk of prostate trouble flaring up. The prostate is a gland that generally begins to cause symptoms after the age of 50. Trouble urinating or having to “go” are common. It’s wise to get educated and learn about what the problems are and what can be done to […] [...more]

FDA approves newer, more accurate prostate cancer screening guidelines

  There are many things you can do to help improve the health of your prostate. You can eat right, exercise and take a natural prostate pill. Of course, most men know that another important part of prostate health is getting screened for cancer, since early detection is one of the keys to successful treatment. […] [...more]

Go easy on the tea to protect the prostate

  Men who are concerned about their prostate health should eat right, exercise and take a natural prostate pill. However, one thing you may not want to do if you want a healthy prostate is drink a great deal of tea. According to scientists from the University of Glasgow, men who drink seven or more […] [...more]

This Father’s Day, remind dad of the importance of prostate health

  Father's Day is almost here, and one great way to show day that you care is to encourage him to take a natural prostate pill to boost his health. In honor of this day celebrating dads, it's a good time to examine some of the simple ways that a man can increase his prostate […] [...more]

Do you know how to protect the health of your prostate?

  Are you a man who's trying to boost the health of your prostate? If so, there are many things you can do, taking an herbal prostate supplement and talking to your doctor about whether you should be screened for cancer. Recently, USA Weekend spoke to H. Ballentine Carter, professor of urology and oncology at […] [...more]

Confused by the new prostate screening guidelines? Talk to your doctor

  There have been so many reports lately regarding prostate cancer screening that it can be difficult to know what you should do. While you know that maintaining a healthy weight, eating balanced diet and taking an herbal prostate supplement may help you stay fit, you should still always be concerned about your risk of […] [...more]

Prostate problems: Prevention is better than treatment

  Sometimes, it's important for you to take preventative measures to boost your health rather than just dealing with problems when they arise. For example, taking an herbal prostate supplement before developing a condition like an enlarged prostate, since these pills may boost prostate health. Similarly, researchers recently determined that young men should be getting […] [...more]