Insomnia may worsen effects of tinnitus

For people who are unable to sleep and looking to get much needed rest, it may be beneficial to consider an herbal insomnia supplement to help alleviate symptoms. Proper sleep is crucial in maintaining proper bodily functioning. In fact, a recent study from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit suggests that insomnia may worsen the effect […] [...more]

Changes in brain chemistry may cause insomnia

A recent study issued in The Journal of Neuroscience has documented that aging animals display cellular changes in the area of the brain that regulates the sleep cycle. These results may explain why many older Americans have insomnia and other sleep disorders. The researchers analyzed isolated neurons in the brain that regular sleep patterns, which […] [...more]

Cherry juice may help those suffering from insomnia

For those having difficulty sleeping, a diet that contains an all natural herbal insomnia supplement may get a boost from drinking cherry juice regularly, as the fruit has been shown to help regulate sleep patterns. Recent studies have suggested that the cherry fruit may be associated with many important health benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects and […] [...more]

Sleep plays an important factor in maintaining a healthy heart

At some point in their lives, most people have trouble regulating their sleeping patterns, especially those with insomnia. A recent study presented by the American College of Cardiology highlights the importance of a regular sleep schedule for maintaining proper heart health. The study reveals that unhealthy sleep patterns significantly increase the risk of stroke, heart […] [...more]

Healthy living and proper nutrition are key to preventing insomnia

Insomnia is a prevalent condition in the United States and has a significant impact in the quality of life for many who suffer from the disease. According to the Mayo Health Clinic, insomnia is a disorder that can make it hard to both fall and stay asleep which can usually impact a person's ability to […] [...more]

Bad habits exacerbate insomnia

The inability to fall asleep is a serious problem that affects millions of Americans. Taking an herbal insomnia supplement may help these individuals fall asleep faster. Additionally, anyone regularly experiencing difficulty falling asleep should take steps to avoid bad habits which may contribute to insomnia. Speaking to the Joplin Globe, Jeff Keener, director of respiratory […] [...more]

Increased risk of sleeping pill-related death may be caused by obesity

  People who find that they have difficulty getting to sleep at night may want to take an herbal sleep supplement, especially considering recent studies that have shown the potential dangers of taking prescription sleep aides. For example, a study conducted by researchers at the Scripps Clinic found that people who take prescription sleep pills […] [...more]

Why most people need at least seven hours of sleep

  The National Sleep Foundation reports that there is no "magic number" when it comes to sleep, and everyone needs their own amount. Having poor sleep habits can deeply affect a person's life, especially their work performance, which is why people who have trouble getting rest should consider taking an herbal insomnia supplement. Recently, Everyday […] [...more]

Transportation workers missing out on sleep

  Everyone needs sleep in order to perform their best at work, in school and just to engage in social interactions with friends and families. This is why people who are having trouble getting rest should consider taking an herbal insomnia supplement before their daily life suffers. Recently, the results of the National Sleep Foundation's […] [...more]

Contrary to popular belief, sleep improves with age

  There are many factors that people can blame for their inability to fall asleep at night and their need for an herbal insomnia supplement. For example, stress and diet can both contribute to sleep disturbances. However, according to recent research from the Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology at the University of Pennsylvania, one […] [...more]