Lose Weight in 2017

Summer is right around the corner and we know you’ve been keen to get out of the cold weather and get outside more and more. If you’re like most Americans you’ve probably put on a few extra pounds. With all of the diets around now it’s hard to find one you like and can stick […] [...more]

2017 Healthy Trends

2017 is well underway and we hope you’ve been able to stick to your resolutions. If not we’ve found a great review of the top health trends for 2017. Check out the list here from SparkPeople.com and see if any peak your interest. #4 has us intrigued! [...more]

Cold Weather Exercise

Cold Weather Exercise

The winter months are upon us and the cold weather has arrived with force for many states in the USA. However, this shouldn’t stop most people from exercising or modifying their current routine to fit the unique weather in their micro-climate. Dressing right and preparing for the workout are the keys to success. Check out […] [...more]

Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain strikes almost everyone at sometime in their life. Unfortunately rheumatoid arthritis can develop as we age and this painful, debilitating condition, can cause us to slow down or eliminate our favorite exercises and activities. Everyday.com details 7 exercise tips that can help relieve discomfort from arthritis. According to rheumatologist Hareth Madhoun, DO,“This decreased […] [...more]

Peanut Butter – friend or foe?

The classic sandwich, peanut butter and jelly. These tasty combinations of fat and sugar are legendary. But does the high fat content of peanut butter work with you, or against you? It’s well-known that eating a high fat diet loaded with excessive saturated fat can lead to major health problems and diseases. However, peanut butter, […] [...more]

Do it! Stretching For Health

Stretching. That mainstay of athletes around the world. MAny of us all avoid it, but can it really help? Yes it can. Incorporating a consistent stretching routine can help prevent injuries, boost flexibility, and relieve stress. We’ve found a thorough primer on how this easy activity can provide you a wealth of benefits. Read more […] [...more]

Crossfit – Lessons Learned

Crossfit – Lessons Learned

Crossfit has been taking the fitness world by storm since it’s beginnings in 2000. With gyms, or “boxes” as the aficionados refer to their gyms, popping up across the country it’s very clear that this unique workout program is here to stay. With this established history Crossfit athletes have information to share with new-comers that […] [...more]

Get Rid of Cellulite

Perhaps nothing worse to a woman’s body image than cellulite. This type of fat accumulates on the butt and the back of the legs and is often dimply and jiggly in appearance. What’s a woman to do to get rid of this pesky problem? First, watch what you’re eating. The old saying, you are what […] [...more]

Lose The Pooch and Show Off Your Abs

Men and women often struggle to lose that pesky bit of fat that sits low on the belly and keeps your ripped abs hidden. We’ve found a great list of exercises that can help you to incinerate that fat and get the body you work so hard for. According to the post clear focus on […] [...more]

Regular Exercise and Your Health

Regular Exercise and Your Health

Getting a regular exercise routine going can dramatically improve many facets of your physical health. Weight loss, better attitude, and even better intimacy. Check out these 7 Benefits of Regular Exercise and see how much better your life can be with just a small change in activity. There are many forms of exercise that are […] [...more]