Happiness and Longevity

It’s a common theme in our modern society that happiness makes you live longer. We all know happy people and unhappy people but do the happy people really outlive the others? Happiness Study Results Almost 720,000 women were studied to determine if levels of happiness made you live longer. The results are stunning. Researchers found […] [...more]

Antioxidants – should I be concerned?

Oxygen is without a doubt our single most important nutrient we need for survival. Without it we’d be in serious trouble. But oxygen also can become a component of a free radical. Harm from free radicals cause many negative results within the human body. Take a look at this well thought out article from News-Medical.net. […] [...more]

Exercise: What is the best amount for longevity?

Exercise and its benefits are well-known for improving health and wellness but there is confusion on just how much exercise is really necessary for optimum heath. Two recent studies have taken a thorough review of exercise habits to see how exercise plays into longevity. In the larger study a group of over 600,000 adults had […] [...more]

Your mother was right!

“Eating more green vegetables may aid heart health, reduce risk of obesity, diabetes” according to a new study. For years and years you’ve probably heard your mother say that you should eat your vegetables so you could stay healthy and grow up strong. Now studies are showing that what your mom said was right! Read […] [...more]

Eat your way to younger-looking skin

Everyone wants to stay fresh and youthful-looking as they age, which is why you should eat right, exercise and take an herbal anti-aging supplement such as a multivitamin from Herbal Groups. Eating healthy foods can not only help you maintain your weight, but may also help your skin appear younger. Recently, The Gambit, a New […] [...more]

Feeling stressed? Relax, and crack a smile

  If you're concerned about staying healthy as you age, then be sure to take an herbal anti-aging supplement such as a multivitamin from Herbal Groups. You should also look into stress management techniques, since studies have shown that anxiety can accelerate the aging process. Recently, a study from the University of Kansas found that […] [...more]

Study names the best cities for seniors

  If you're getting older, hopefully you've been taking an herbal anti-aging supplement from Herbal Groups, eating right, exercising and saving for retirement. If you haven't considered where you want to move to yet in order to have happy golden years, you may want to look at a recent study from the Milken Institute, which […] [...more]

Want to live a healthy, independent life? Get more vitamin D

  Do you want to live as long as possible? Of course you do, which is why you probably already take an herbal anti-aging supplement from Herbal Groups. Another key to healthy aging is vitamin D, as more and more studies have come out in recent years highlighting the importance of this nutrient. Now, scientists […] [...more]

Foods to help keep you young

  If you're trying to keep your youthful appearance and energy as you age, then you should be eating right, exercising and taking a natural anti-aging supplement like a multivitamin from Herbal Groups. Your diet plays a major role in preserving your youth, so you want to pay extra attention to what you eat as […] [...more]

Stress less before you age faster

  Everyone hopes to stave off the effects of getting older for as long as possible, which is why so many individuals take an herbal anti-aging supplement such as a multivitamin from Herbal Groups to help them stay sharp as they enter their golden years. According to a recent study, another thing people may want […] [...more]