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Hearing Loss Prevention

Listening to loud music or machinery can cause permanent hearing loss. The ears are resilient parts of our body but abusing them with excessively loud noises can cause temporary problems at best and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) at worst. Remember, you only get two ears so taking care of them can help you to avoid problems in the future.

Hearing Loss Today

We’ve all seen earbuds. They come with every new cellphone and replacements are cheap. These devices often are used with the volume too high causing a temporary loss of hearing. Turn the volume down to a comfortable level and keep it there. You may have the urge to turn up the volume but try to resist. You may find yourself unconsciously turning up the sound. Eventually the music is blasting and you don’t realize it. Teenagers seem to be oblivious to advice sometimes but this is one subject that needs to be brought to their attention. If they’re attending a concert offer earplugs or ear protection. There may be resistance but the alternative is no fun at all. Check out this thoroughly detailed review of noise induced hearing loss from the American Hearing Research Foundation. You’ll gain a new understanding of just how fragile the human ear realy is.

Protect your ears from hearing loss

Protect Your Hearing From Loud Noises

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