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Diabetes Causes And Dietary Solutions

A serious health concern for all Americans is diabetes. Nearly 10% of the United States population has diabetes right now. This disease, which is preventable or even reversible in some cases, costs $245 billion in the US alone in 2012. This staggering number should shed light on this epidemic. The cause of Type 1 is the result of the body losing the ability to make insulin. An attack by the immune system can wreak havoc on the cells that produce insulin. Type 2 is caused by several problems such as insulin resistance and the pancreas losing it’s ability to produce insulin or it produces very little. Health factors as obesity and lack of exercise are precursors to becoming a diabetic patient. So what can you do if you’re afflicted with this increasingly common problem? Read on for more information.

Diabetes Solutions And Remedies

Eating the proper diet can reverse Type 2 Diabetes for many people. Take into consideration the tips we’ve conveniently linked to below for a detailed primer on getting your health back on track. Click here now for Diet and Food Tips that are packed with good food and great ideas plus several myths about diabetic diets.

Get back to living without diabetes

Get back to living without diabetes

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