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Lycopene Fights Free-Radicals

One of the mightiest pigments in the plant kingdom, lycopene, has been shown in studies to prevent prostate, stomach, and lung cancer. This amazing member of the carotenoid family is what gives fruits their red color. The most common fruit we all know which contains this healthy antioxidant is the tomato. The simplest way to improve your diet is to simply add tomatoes to your daily menu. Of course a well-rounded diet is the key to getting your health in order. Maintaining consistency is also a vital component of healthy living.

Lycopene and tomatoes

Look for all natural sources of lycopene

What can I eat that contains lycopene?

Check out this list of 8 foods that contain lycopene and get started towards improving your health today. Top 8 Real Foods with Lycopene: The Cancer-Fighting Phytonutrient

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