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Is Your Chronic Pain Being Addressed Properly?

Chronic pain is a growing problem for many Americans. A poor diet and years of neglecting good health can result in a person getting prescribed numerous drugs to try an resolve the symptoms of disease. The very nature of this outlook, solve the symptom, doesn’t go deep enough to get to the heart of the issue which is always the root cause of the problem. Changes to the foods you eat can have a profound difference on health. Think of the people you see around your area that are obese and unhealthy. They didn’t get this way eating a well balanced diet. They got this way from eating a diet full of garbage and “food” that is marketed as “healthy” when in fact these “foods” are simply chemical concoctions designed to appear as food. You really are what you eat. Dr. Terry Wahls wrote an excellent article that was published today at about pain and how to manage it. The Real Reason You Have Chronic Pain + How To Heal It

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