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If you’re carrying extra belly fat you could be at risk

Many men, and women, in America are carrying extra pounds in their midsection. These people can be increasing their risk for disease but not in the way you think. It’s a common misconception that extra pounds mean bad health. It is entirely possible to be considered skinny but to have too much fat. How is this possible? Visceral fat. This is the fat that is stored around organs in the body. Doctors believe this type of fat may cause irritation to the organs resulting in problems. However, large stores of belly fat are normally below the skin and not in the organs. A recent LA Times article written by Chris Woolston details several studies that show that subcutaneous fat, fat stored under the skin, is not necessarily a health risk.
Dr. Steven Grinspoon of Harvard Medical School says,”Visceral fat is linked to diabetes and cardiovascular problems even more than BMI.” So how does this compare with subcutaneous fat as a health risk? Woolston notes that people with large amounts of subcutaneous fat have large amounts of visceral fat, and vice-versa.
Reducing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is key to preventing many weight-related diseases. A low-fat, high fiber diet may help you to maintain and control your weight. Benefits of healthy living include lower blood pressure, better cholesterol numbers, and a boost in overall wellness. Make a positive change in your life today.
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