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Smart kids eat healthy diets


Overweight adults can take an herbal diet supplement from herbal groups to help them lose pounds, but it can sometimes be harder for children to shed weight. This is why it's important for families to eat healthy meals together. If you want your children to be smart, then you should be giving them plenty of fruits and vegetables, according to a recent study from the University of Adelaide.

Researchers discovered that children who are fed a healthy diet at a young age have slightly higher IQs than those who are fed junk food.

"We found that children who were breastfed at six months and had a healthy diet regularly including foods such as legumes, cheese, fruit and vegetables at 15 and 24 months, had an IQ up to two points higher by age eight," said researcher Lisa Smithers, Ph.D.

The scientists said that while this point difference is not large, it still shows that a child's diet when they are very young can impact them up till age 8.

What healthy foods do your kids enjoy?

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