Eat your way to younger-looking skin

Everyone wants to stay fresh and youthful-looking as they age, which is why you should eat right, exercise and take an herbal anti-aging supplement such as a multivitamin from Herbal Groups. Eating healthy foods can not only help you maintain your weight, but may also help your skin appear younger. Recently, The Gambit, a New Orleans news source, published an article discussing healthy foods that can benefit your skin.

First, the news source spoke to dermatologist Barbara Bopp, who recommended that people eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like mackerel and salmon. Healthy fats have been shown to potentially boost cardiovascular health and, according to the doctor, omega-3s help reduce the signs of aging by decreasing inflammation. Next, the expert suggested foods that contain antioxidants like blueberries and green tea.

"When you ingest antioxidants, they decrease the formation of collagenase and elastase, enzymes which break down the skin," said Bopp, quoted by the news source. "When you produce less of these enzymes, the skin breaks down more slowly, resulting in fewer wrinkles."

Reader's Digest recommends that people consume avocados, tomatoes, eggs and pomegranate if they are trying to fight off the signs of aging. These foods contain nutrients like omega-3s and lycopene that have been shown to boost health.

Do you know any foods that help the skin? 

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