Diet and Weight Loss

If you’re fat, you may put your baby at risk


Are you a woman who is thinking of having a baby? If you are and you're also overweight, you may want to take an herbal diet supplement from Herbal Groups before you try to conceive, rather than simply using it after to help you lose that baby weight. According to a recent study from researchers at the University of Iowa, babies born to obese or overweight mothers grow and gain weight more slowly than others.

The scientists found that infants whose mothers were obese or overweight grew less in length and gained less weight than babies born to healthy-weight mothers. This is a problem, since fat mass in infants is associated with healthy brain growth and development.

However, there was good news, the study also showed that children born to obese mothers do tend to eventually catch up with their peers in terms of growth. Unfortunately, these children also have a higher risk of continuing to rapidly gain weight in adolescence and becoming fat themselves.

The bottom line is, overweight women should consider losing weight before they attempt to get pregnant. If you're obese, eat right, exercise and take an herbal diet supplement to shed some pounds before you try to have a baby.

What diets have worked for you?

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