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Snack healthy while on a diet


Are you an overweight or obese adult? If so, you're not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one-third of all American adults are obese. This is why more individuals should be taking herbal diet supplements, like Body Sculpt Rx from Herbal Groups. Recently, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article explaining why you don't necessarily need to give up snacks on a diet.

"For those who are eager to make the change for the better might think that snacks would get thrown out the window, but in fact, there are ways to make snacks an integral part of your everyday diet, without sacrificing goals like getting healthier or losing weight. The smart approach to snacking is a combination of healthy habits and healthy foods," according to the news source.

It all comes down to making the right choices. For example, rather than reaching for a bag of chips when you want a snack, get some almonds or pistachios instead. These healthy nuts will keep you feeling fuller, longer. Also, the news source recommended sharing your snack with others, which may help you eat less.

Finally, keep some snacks around your office. If you don't have healthy treats around when you want to snack, you may go to the vending machine instead, which can harm a diet.

What do you snack on when you're trying to shed pounds?

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