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Running to the bathroom at night? Your weight may be the problem


If you're a man who wants to boost the health of his prostate, then consider taking a herbal prostate supplement such as Prostalex Plus from Herbal Groups. While you're shopping for this supplement, you may also want to pick up and herbal diet supplement if you are at risk of prostate problems. That's because according to researchers from Cornell University, overweight men have a greater risk of experiencing frequent urination than those who are an average size.

"Our study shows that men with larger waist circumferences urinate more over a 24-hour period, and at night, than men with smaller waists and confirms higher levels of problems traditionally associated with metabolic syndrome," said study author Steven Kaplan, M.D.

Metabolic syndrome is characterized by abdominal obesity, glucose intolerance and high cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The scientists found that 39 percent of overweight study participants urinated more than eight time a night, while only 16 percent of men with smaller waists had this problem.

These findings should encourage overweight men to look into herbal diet supplements that can help them lose weight, hopefully before they develop problems with their prostate.

How often do you get up during the night?

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