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Experts offer tips for better orgasm


Could your sex life use a little spice? A boost of confidence may be able to do the trick, which you may get from using an herbal male enhancement supplement from Herbal Groups. Recently, Shape Magazine spoke to a number of sex experts who offered tips on how to have a better orgasm.

First, Patty Brisben, who runs an erotic products company, recommends bringing some sex toys into the bedroom. Next, relationship coach Dylan Thrasher said temperature makes a difference when it comes to sex, so turn the heat on.

"A Dutch study once showed that women have an almost 30 percent higher likelihood of achieving orgasm if their feet are warm as opposed to cold," he said, quoted by the news source. "As unnatural as it may seem, putting on socks during sex will help you achieve a more powerful orgasm, or better yet, try a foot massage using heated massage oils to really rev things up."

Health Magazine states that if you want a better orgasm, then talk to your partner. Both men and women can sometimes use a little direction between the sheets, so have open sexual communication.

Do you have tips for telling your partner you need a change in bed? 

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