Colon Cleansing

Tips to improve constipation symptoms


If you've been experiencing digestive problems, you may want to take an herbal colon cleansing supplement such as Intra Cleanse from Herbal Groups, to help cleanse the bowel. Constipation is a common thing people complain about when they are discussing their colon health, and there are many ways to avoid this problem.

For example, try exercising when you feel a little backed up. Exercise can decrease the amount of time it takes food to move through the large intestine, according to WebMD, so a quick workout may help loosen you up. Also, drink more water and reduce the amount of salt you eat to improve constipation, since dehydration is a common cause of this problem.

Diet also places a large role in constipation, which is why you should be eating fiber often. Fiber has been shown to help improve a number of digestive health problems, so reach for apples, celery or whole grains when you want a snack that can also help improve constipation symptoms.

Finally, look for natural pills that may help improve the health of your bowel, such as herbal colon supplements. 

What foods do you eat when you feel backed up?

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