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Reclaim your sex life after childbirth


Are things between you and your partner cooling down in the bedroom? It may be time to take an herbal male enhancement supplement from Herbal Groups to boost your confidence and start heating things up again. Some couples find it difficult to have sex after having their first child. Recently Hitched Magazine published an article with tips for how to regard your sex life after having a baby.

First, the news source stated that breastfeeding can dry out the whole body, so be sure to have proper lubricants on hand. Also, the information provider suggested Kegel exercises for the ladies, to improve their post-baby sex life.

"Many doctors recommend Kegel exercises before pregnancy for strengthening the muscles that will help you during labor and after pregnancy to promote perineal healing, regain bladder control, and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The best part? Strong PC muscles (the ones strengthened through Kegel exercises) can enhance sexual pleasure and lead to a bigger 'O,'" according to the news source.

Discovery Health states that after having a baby, women should reward themselves for nine months of hard work with a new, sexy outfit. This may help reignite the spark in the bedroom.

What tips do you have for spicing up a sex life after having a baby?

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