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Keep moving to beat arthritis pain


Do you experience arthritis pain? If you're getting older, then chances are the answer is yes. According to the National Centers for Biotechnology Information, almost everyone experiences some form of joint pain by the age of 70. This is why so many people take herbal joint supplements such as Lubra Joint from Herbal Groups. Recently, The Star Press published an article by Bret Damer, M.D., who explained other natural ways to improve arthritis pain.

According to the orthopedic surgeon, the key to relieving joint pain is to improve your lifestyle. This means eating right and exercising to take any added weight off of your joints.

"Biking, swimming, walking and other low impact exercises are often recommended, as well as joint exercises designed specifically for pain relief. If lifestyle changes are not enough, pain medication and further treatment may be necessary," Damer wrote for the news source.

The Mayo Clinic recommends that if you have arthritis and work in an office, you should be sure to adjust your position frequently to keep from getting stiff joints. The organization suggests tilting your neck from side to side and bending and stretching your legs often.

What do you do at the office to stay active?

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