Diet and Weight Loss

Foods to help maintain a healthy weight


If you need to lose some pounds, you should change your diet, exercise more and take an herbal diet supplement from Herbal Groups. Many people mistakenly believe that diet foods all have to be fat-free and tasteless, when in reality there are many delicious ways to maintain a healthy weight. The Huffington Post recently reported on some of these tasty foods that will help keep you slim.

First, the news source spoke to Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson Ximena Jimenez, M.S, R.D, who said that greek yogurt is a great choice for people who want to shed some pounds.

"This smooth and rich yogurt is a great source of protein," said Jimenez, quoted by the news source. "Protein fills you up and helps to keep your weight off. Yogurt also provides healthy bacteria (acidophilus, bifidum), the good guys that can keep your digestive system in good shape."

The expert also recommended apples, which are a good source fiber, which helps you feel more full. Also, Jimenez added that low fat milk is another smart choice, since the calcium in this drink may speed up the metabolism. 

WebMD states if you want to lose weight, start your day off with a protein rather than a carbohydrate. So reach for some eggs and yogurt in the morning, rather than sugary cereal or a bagel.

What foods do you eat to help you shed pounds? 

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