Want to live a healthy, independent life? Get more vitamin D


Do you want to live as long as possible? Of course you do, which is why you probably already take an herbal anti-aging supplement from Herbal Groups. Another key to healthy aging is vitamin D, as more and more studies have come out in recent years highlighting the importance of this nutrient. Now, scientists from Oregon State University have conducted a study which found that older adults with low vitamin D have a much greater risk of death than those with adequate levels of the nutrient.

These findings were particularly true for individuals who are frail, who had a three times greater risk of death than those who are not frail and had healthy vitamin D levels. A frail person is someone who experiences muscle weakness, low physical activity levels and unintentional weight loss.

"As you age, there is an increased risk of melanoma, but older adults should try and get more activity in the sunshine," she said. "Our study suggests that there is an opportunity for intervention with those who are in the pre-frail group, but could live longer, more independent lives if they get proper nutrition and exercise."

These findings should encourage people to get their vitamin D levels checked.

How do you get vitamin D? Through supplements, food or sunshine?

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