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Younger guys should be asked about ED as well


Are you a younger guy who has been experiencing erectile dysfunction? If so, you may be embarrassed to do anything about it, but you shouldn't be. Products such as herbal male enhancement supplements from Herbal Groups may help you regain your confidence in bedroom, and leave you angry that you didn't use these natural pills sooner. Recently, researchers from the Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island have called for doctors to screen younger men for ED, since this sexual issue may be a sign of a bigger problem.

According to the scientists, as many as 30 million American men experience ED. This condition and cardiovascular disease have a similar cause, namely a narrowing of the arteries that results in obstructed blood flow to the organs. This is why men with ED may have a greater risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke than those who do not have this sexual problem.

"Erectile dysfunction represents an important first step toward heart disease detection and reduction, yet many health care providers and patients assume it's just a sign of old age, so it may not be something that comes up during an annual physical with a younger man who doesn't fit the ED 'stereotype,'" said lead author Martin Miner, M.D.

So if you experience regular ED, do something about it. This common condition can be easy to cure, so look into natural virility pills that may help you with this problem.

Does your doctor ask you about ED? 

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