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Keep your snacking in check with ‘stop signs’


When you open a bag of chips or candy, do you find that you eat the entire thing, even if you're not hungry? Many people do, particularly when they are at the movies or watching television. This kind of behavior may leave you overweight and in need of an herbal diet supplement from Herbal Groups, such as Body Sculpt Rx. Recently, researchers found a way to potentially help people exert self-control while snacking.

According to scientists from Cornell University, college students who were given a package of potato chips to eat during a movie consumed less calories if some of the chips were dyed red. Students whose potato chips were all yellow ate 50 percent more than those who had red chips placed sporadically throughout the can.

These findings suggest that the red chips served as "stop signs" for the students, causing them to pause and think about whether they really wanted more chips. This is important, considering that TV watching has been associated with unnecessary snacking for years, and using these stop signs may keep people from over-indulging.

Do you have tips to keep from snacking during TV time? 

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