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When it comes to fantasies, men and women aren’t so different


Over the past few years, you may have found it becomes more difficult to perform in the sack. If this is the case, try natural male enhancement supplements from Herbal Groups such as Herbal Virility, which are designed to boost your confidence and get you back to business in the bedroom. Once you've regained your self-esteem, heat up your sex life by asking your wife or girlfriend what her sexual fantasies are, since according to a recent study, they may be the same as yours.

Researchers from the University of Granada found that the differences between men and women's sexual fantasies are not significant. While you might think that both genders would fantasize about having sex with a celebrity or someone else outside of their relationship, that doesn't appear to be the case. According to the scientists, the fact is that most men and women have intimate and romantic sexual fantasies involving their partner or loved one, though men do think about sex more often.

These findings should encourage you to speak up to your partner about what you truly want in the bedroom. After all, you may just find that she's been wanting the same thing all along and you never knew it.

How do you and your partner keep things spicy in the bedroom? 

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