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Put down the prescription pills and naturally relieve arthritis pain


If you have arthritis, you know how painful the symptoms of this condition can be. You may feel uncomfortable taking powerful prescription drugs to relieve this pain, which is why you should look into herbal joint supplements such as Lubra Joint from Herbal Groups. Recently, the San Francisco Chronicle published an article by Moshe Lewis, M.D., who explained other natural solutions to arthritis pain.

First, the doctor said that applying heat to your sore joints is a good way to keep the circulation strong and minimize joint and muscle inflammation. Next, the expert recommended spicy foods which, like hot temperatures, help fight inflammation.

"Try capsaicin, the chemical that gives peppers their heat. It's the main ingredient in at least one prescription pain relief patch, but it tastes good in chili, too. If your taste runs more toward cookies than cayenne, try ginger, which has been shown to be comparable to ibuprofen in reducing menstrual and muscle pain," Lewis wrote for the news source.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information states that almost everyone experiences the symptoms of arthritis by the age of 70. No wonder herbal joint supplements are so popular!

What are some of your favorite spicy foods to help fight arthritis? 

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