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Don’t let joint pain turn you into a couch potato


Are you worried about staying active as you get older due to your arthritis? Many people mistakenly believe that chronic joint pain is a reason to stop exercising, when in reality working out is one of the best ways to relieve arthritis symptoms. This is why you should continue to exercise and take an herbal joint supplement such as Lubra Joint from Herbal Groups to relieve discomfort. Recently, The New York Times spoke to some experts about how to stay active with joint pain.

According to orthopedic surgeon Kenneth Brandt, arthritis shouldn't turn people into couch potatoes.

"You should exercise affected joints," Brandt said, quoted by the news source. "Muscles around the joints can atrophy – use them or lose them – and result in even more pain and stiffness."

The doctor recommended consulting a physical therapist who can put together an exercise routine that's easy on the joints. The Mayo Clinic suggests low-impact aerobic exercise, such as walking, cycling or water activities, to help you improve your mood, control your weight and improve joint pain.

Millions of Americans experience chronic joint pain, so if you're one of them you should look into herbal joint supplements and get regular exercise.

What are your favorite water activities? 

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