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Americans demand a spicier sex life


Could your sex life use a boost? If so, a recently released survey from the Trojan condom company shows that that you are not alone, and should not be embarrassed about trying to spice things up between the sheets. One thing that may help improve your time in the sack is an herbal male enhancement supplement, such as Herbal Virility from Herbal Groups, which may increase your confidence in the bedroom.

According to the Trojan survey, although two-thirds of American adults are satisfied with their sex life, one in two believe they could use a jump start between the sheets.

"We all have varying needs and desires when it comes to leading a fulfilling sex life," said Logan Levkoff, certified sexuality educator. "We lead such chaotic lives that it's easy to become complacent in the bedroom. We need to make it a priority to maintain intimacy by having honest discussions with our partners about what turns us on, whether it's a new toy or a sexual fantasy."

Some of the things survey respondents reported doing to spice up their sex life were talking dirty, using new types of condoms, sending sexually-charged text messages and having sex on the beach. Clearly, Americans are willing to do whatever it takes to keep things hot in the bedroom, which is why herbal male enhancement supplements are so important.

Where's the craziest place you and your partner have considered getting busy? 

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