Coffee may help grandpa get ripped


Getting older doesn't mean you have to get weak. There are many elderly individuals that still workout and stay fit, likely because they eat right and do other things that help boost health, such as taking an herbal anti-aging supplement like a mulitvitamin from Herbal Groups. Another thing you may want to do to keep your body strong into old age is drink coffee, since a new study suggests that caffeine may increase power in older muscles.

Previous studies have shown that caffeine may help muscles produce more force, but they were conducted on adults in their prime. Scientists from Coventry University set out to find if this positive effect would last into old age. They found that caffeine continues to enhance muscle performance in older adults.

"With the importance of maintaining a physically active lifestyle to preserve health and functional capacity, the performance-enhancing benefit of caffeine could prove beneficial in the aging population," said researcher Jason Tallis.

More studies are needed to confirm these findings, but for now you should keep on grabbing that morning cup of coffee, remembering that moderation is key. 

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