Want a long life? Get more vitamin D


If you're concerned about staying fit as you get older, you should get regular exercise, eat healthy foods and consider taking an herbal anti-aging supplement that includes vitamin D. According to a recent study from researchers at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, elderly individuals who take vitamin D with calcium may have a longer life expectancy that those who do not.

"Some studies have suggested calcium (with or without vitamin D) supplements can have adverse effects on cardiovascular health," said researcher Aarhus Rejnmark. "Although our study does not rule out such effects, we found that calcium with vitamin D supplementation to elderly participants is overall not harmful to survival, and may have beneficial effects on general health."

The scientists said that while it is commonly known that vitamin D and calcium may reduce fracture risk, this study shows that these nutrients may have even more benefits for human health. Researchers examined eight different studies to come to their conclusion, and found that elderly individuals who took vitamin D and calcium had a 9 percent decreased risk of death over those who did not.

So if you're looking to extend your good health into your golden years, take an herbal anti-aging supplement and talk to your  doctor about getting more vitamin D and calcium. 

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