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This Father’s Day, remind dad of the importance of prostate health


Father's Day is almost here, and one great way to show day that you care is to encourage him to take a natural prostate pill to boost his health. In honor of this day celebrating dads, it's a good time to examine some of the simple ways that a man can increase his prostate health.

"Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder from the wife and kids to get men to the doctor each year and to commit to their annual PSA test," said surgeon David Samadi.

The doctor recommended that men who are concerned about their prostate should maintain a healthy diet. This should include foods such as tomatoes, fish, broccoli, watermelon, cabbage and green tea, since eating right helps the body ward off disease.

Also, while a healthy diet is important, it's not enough. Men should also be participating in a regular exercise routine to help reduce stress and improve their overall wellbeing.

Finally, herbal prostate supplements can make a great Father's Day gift, so look into getting a quality product such as Prostalex Plus from Herbal Groups. 

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