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Overweight? It could be making you sleepy


If you feel tired throughout the day, then you may be considering taking an herbal insomnia supplement to help you get more sleep at night. While this is a good idea, new research suggests that you may actually need an herbal diet supplement to help feel more alert during the day. According to researchers at Penn State University, obesity and depression may be two of the biggest factors driving excessive daytime tiredness in people.

The scientists said that daytime sleepiness is an "epidemic" in America, on par with the obesity problem in the country. Their studies found a clear association between these these two problems, and that weight loss may help individuals feel more alert during the day.

Researchers added that weight loss strategies and methods to relieve depression and anxiety should be made a priority in the U.S. in order to prevent the public safety hazards associated with this excessive sleepiness. For example, pilots, taxi drivers and people who work with heavy machinery could all be seriously injured or harm others if they fall asleep on the job.

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