Sleepy drivers are just as dangerous as drunk ones


If you find yourself having trouble sleeping at night, then you may want to start taking an herbal insomnia supplement and catching some more rest before getting behind the wheel. According to a recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, being sleepy while driving is almost as bad as being drunk.

Reuters reported on the study, which found that drivers who were either drunk or sleepy were at least twice as likely to cause an accident compared to those who are well-rested or sober.

"We know from experimental studies that just four hours of sleep loss will produce as much impairment as a six pack. If you have a whole night of sleep loss, that's equivalent to having a blood alcohol content of 0.19," Christopher Drake, an associate scientist at the Henry Ford Hospital Sleep Disorders and Research Center, who was not involved in the study, quoted by the news source.

Sleep Med estimates that 70 million Americans regularly experience insomnia symptoms. These findings suggest that this population should look into an herbal insomnia supplement, such as RestalexPM from Herbal Groups. 

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