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Confused by the new prostate screening guidelines? Talk to your doctor


There have been so many reports lately regarding prostate cancer screening that it can be difficult to know what you should do. While you know that maintaining a healthy weight, eating balanced diet and taking an herbal prostate supplement may help you stay fit, you should still always be concerned about your risk of prostate cancer. Recently, urologist Premal Desai gave his opinion on whether men of 75 should be screened.

The United States Preventive Service Task Force recently stated that there may be more downsides than positives to giving men over the age of 75 a PSA test. Desai said that he believes patients should still be given the option of a prostate test, regardless of their age.

"I do agree that most men age 75 or older will not die of newly diagnosed prostate cancer, but there are a significant number of men who are quite healthy with significant longevity in their family history who may be harboring potentially aggressive disease. These men should be able to make a choice of whether or not they wish to be screened," said Desai.

The doctor said that physicians should have informed discussion with their older patients about whether to get a PSA screening, and then they can make the decision together. 

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