Sleepwalking is surprisingly common


Sleep is supposed to be a time for your body to rest, yet research  has found that surprising number of Americans regularly find themselves wandering around at night while they are asleep. According to scientists from Stanford University, nearly 8.5 million Americans are prone to sleepwalking.

While this is a large number, it still pales in comparison to the estimated 50 million people in the country who can't get to sleep at all, and should consider an herbal insomnia supplement.

According to scientists, sleepwalking is connected to a number of conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

"There is no doubt an association between nocturnal wanderings and certain conditions, but we don't know the direction of the causality," said Stanford researcher Maurice Ohayon, M.D.,Ph.D. "Are the medical conditions provoking sleepwalking, or is it vice versa?"

The researchers said that one-third of individuals who sleepwalk have a family history of the disorder. This adds support to the belief that sleep problems run in families. About 35 percent of people with insomnia have a family history of the problem, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. So if you need an herbal insomnia supplement, you might want to pick up extra for the family.

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