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Too busy to sleep? Watch out for obesity


Do you live a hectic life that makes it nearly impossible for you to maintain a normal sleep schedule? If so, then you may want to start taking an herbal insomnia supplement to help you get back on a normal sleep track or, as a new study suggests, you might even end up needing an herbal diet supplement. According to researchers from the University of Munich, social jet-lag, which is the term for the mismatch between your body's internal clock and the reality of your daily schedule, doesn't just make you sleepy, but it may make you fat as well.

Researchers found that people with the most severe social jet-lag are more likely to be overweight. This suggests that your hectic schedule is potentially keeping you from living a healthy life.

"[There is an] increasing discrepancy between the daily timing of the physiological clock and the social clock. As a result of this social jet-lag, people are chronically sleep-deprived. They are also more likely to smoke and drink more alcohol and caffeine. Now, we show that social jet-lag also contributes to obesity; the plot that social jet-lag is really bad for our health is thickening," said study authors.

The scientists recommended that people spend more time outside or at least near a window, since exposure to sunlight helps the body set itself to a normal sleep schedule. 

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