Sickness Prevention

Think happy thoughts for better health


Sickness prevention can be tricky, since there are so many things in the world that are hazardous to your health, such as pollution and cheap, fatty foods. Luckily, there are natural ways that you can help protect your body as you age, such as an herbal anti-aging supplement and even merely thinking positive thoughts. According to researchers from Harvard School of Public Health, positive psychological well-being appears to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

"The absence of the negative is not the same thing as the presence of the positive. We found that factors such as optimism, life satisfaction, and happiness are associated with reduced risk of [cardiovascular disease] regardless of such factors as a person's age, socioeconomic status, smoking status, or body weight," said lead author Julia Boehm.

The most optimistic individuals in the study had a 50 percent reduced risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event than their less-positive counterparts. Furthermore, the scientists found that optimistic people were more likely than others to engage in healthy behaviors, such as eating right and exercising.

This is an exciting finding, since it suggests that trying to be happy – which is something that most people do anyway – could be beneficial to both your mental and physical health.

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