Tired all the time? It may be making you fat


While many people take powerful prescription pills to help them fall asleep, there may be an easier way. For example, herbal insomnia supplements may help you get rest using natural ingredients. Sleep is important, not just for concentration, but also if you are looking to shed pounds. Recently, research published in the FASEB Journal highlighted the connection between sleep and weight.

Scientists found that dysfunction in a gene known to be responsible for your body's internal clock can lead to excessive weight gain.

The researchers said that these findings have particular implications for the people who work night-shift jobs, often experience jet-lag or simply can't sleep at night.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of a nine-to-five job or a life that always allows them to get to bed the same time every night. This is where herbal insomnia supplements can come in handy and help you get back to a healthy sleep schedule. Herbal Groups offers "Restalex-PM," a supplement that can help you experience deep sleep without the groggy side effects of some prescription medications.

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