Sickness Prevention

Chocolate may have sickness prevention qualities

Chocolate has typically been considered to be a guilty pleasure for those who indulge in the tasty food. However, lovers of the rich candy may not have to eliminate it from their diets. Researchers from San Diego State University recently found that eating chocolate may have sickness prevention qualities.

Dark chocolate contains large amounts of flavanols, compounds that are thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. The authors of the study wanted to see if the flavanol concentration found in dark chocolate was significant enough to help protect against cardiovascular disease.

Researchers found that people who consumed dark chocolate regularly had lower levels of potentially harmful LDL cholesterol, and higher levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol. Experts believe that eating dark chocolate may possibly have potential sickness prevention qualities, as it may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease due to its positive effects on lipid profiles.

However, researchers also caution against overeating, and suggest to indulge in moderation.

The Cleveland Clinic states that too much chocolate can actually increase the amount of saturated fat in one's diet, which could actually lead to different health complications.

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