Sickness Prevention

High-fiber diets benefit women at risk for heart disease

A recent study from Lund University in Sweden suggests that high-fiber diets are an excellent sickness prevention tool for women in the battle against cardiovascular disease. The study included an analysis of the eating habits of nearly 20,000 subjects, with a focus on the dietary impact of 13 nutrient variables, such as fiber and carbohydrates.

"Women who ate a diet high in fiber had an almost 25 percent lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease compared with women who ate a low-fiber diet. In men the effect was less pronounced," says Peter Wallstrom, the primary author of the study.

The exact reason why the benefits are more noticeable in women than men is still unclear to researchers. However, it may be due to the sources of food women seek for their fiber intake, such as fruits and vegetables, as opposed to men, who mainly sought the nutrient in bread.

The Mayo Clinic recommends fiber as an important factor in preventing cardiovascular disease and as a critical part of many healthy diets. When combined with daily exercise, fiber can play a key role in many sickness prevention treatments.

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