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New prostate cancer treatment has positive effects for erectile function

Prostate health is a growing concern among aging men, as current treatment methods are sometimes invasive and can have detrimental effects in the bedroom. One wrong incision could possibly damage nerves responsible for health erectile functioning, which may result in difficulty achieving an erection.

However a new technique used to treat prostate cancer may have positive effects for healthy erectile function after surgery. The Davinci robot is enhancing the efficiency of prostate operations and increasing the likelihood of a healthy sex life post operation, according to Forbes.

The Davinci robot is a device controlled remotely by a surgeon that allows easier access to the prostate. The technology is minimally invasive, as it creates a smaller and more accurate incision with little to no loss of blood, making the Davinci robot an effective method that can greatly reduce the risk of impotence after surgery.

The Mayo Clinic suggests steps one can take on their own for maintaining a healthy prostate and sex life.

Daily exercise has been shown to help with proper blood flow to vital organs including the prostate and penis, and proper nutrition is key to maintaining regular body functioning. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables could benefit from including both all natural prostate supplements and all natural male enhancement supplements as part of a daily approach to overall male health.

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