Sickness Prevention

Daily aspirin use can play important role in sickness prevention

A recent report by the American Cancer Society highlights the potential role that aspirin may play in reducing the risk of cancer, suggesting the use of the salicylate drug as a staple in routine sickness prevention efforts.

As of today, aspirin is primarily used for its treatment in cardiovascular issues, as it can help thin the blood, reducing the risk of clots and stroke while also providing pain relief.

The study also highlighted previous research that suggests the drug may be useful in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer and polyp recurrence. However, upon further investigation, aspirin may be a beneficial tool in preventing all types of cancer, even at doses as low as 75 to 100 miligrams per day.

"The accumulating data from randomized clinical trials provide an exciting opportunity to reconsider the potential role of aspirin in cancer prevention," said the authors of the study.

Along with cardiovascular and oncological benefits, a daily aspirin regimen may be an important tool in maintaining an overall healthier lifestyle.

However, the Mayo Clinic suggests as with any sickness prevention treatment, aspirin use has to be implemented carefully and under close supervision from a healthcare professional.

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