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Vitamin D supplements may slow prostate cancer growth

Prostate cancer is a serious threat  to men, especially as they age. The American Cancer Society estimates that one out of every six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer before the end of his life. Aging men should consider taking an herbal prostate supplement, which may improve prostate health. Additionally, new research indicates that taking vitamin D supplements may be an effective means of slowing the growth of prostate tumors.

The study, led by Reinhold Vieth, Ph.D. of the University of Toronto, found that men who regularly consumed vitamin D supplements demonstrated reduced levels of Ki67, a protein associated with prostate cancer cell growth. Additionally, men taking the vitamin supplements produced a greater degree of microRNAs, cells which can fight off the development of prostate cancer.

Vieth, while optimistic, indicated that further study is needed to determine exactly how effective vitamin D is for combating prostate cancer, as well as the best means of implementing the treatment.

By taking supplements, such as an herbal prostate supplement, men may be able to increase the overall health of their prostates.

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