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Diabetes drug may reduce growth of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a condition that affects millions of men each year. As men age, health experts recommend they take steps to reduce their chances of developing the disease. One preventative step which may help to improve prostate health is regularly taking a prostate health supplement. For those who have already developed prostate cancer, a new study yields encouraging evidence suggesting that diabetes drugs may reduce the growth of prostate tumors.

A research team led by Anthony Joshua, M.B.B.S., Ph.D. of Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, has announced that men who received a common diabetes medication prior to undergoing prostatectomies experienced a notable reduction in the growth of their tumors.

A small group of 24 patients with localized prostate cancer received the diabetes treatment regularly for several weeks before their surgeries. Afterward, the removed tumors were compared to biopsies taken prior to the beginning of treatment. Researchers found that there was a relative decrease of 32 percent for tumor growth rate for the treated patients.

While the researchers caution that these results are limited in scale, they do offer hope of advancements in prostate cancer treatment

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