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Name of new prostate cancer treatment may be misleading

Prostate cancer is a serious threat for men over the age of 40, with the American Cancer Society anticipating nearly 250,000 new cases in 2012. Taking a natural prostate pill may help to improve a man's prostate health. However, for men who have already contracted prostate cancer it's important to know all available treatment options.

That can be difficult when organizations apply questionable standards to the naming of their products, as is the case with Accuracy's new CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery. David Samadi, M.D.,   chief of robotics and minimally invasive surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center, has expressed concerns that the name of this new service may be misleading. While it does use robotic technology, Cyberknife is not actually a surgical device. Instead, it administers high doses of radiation that target prostate cancer cells.

Consequently, Samadi maintains that the service should be marketed solely as radiation therapy, and that the inclusion of "robotic" in its title may be an attempt to entice patients interested in robotic surgery.

Surgery options utilizintg robotic devices are increasingly popular. Recently, surgeons in the United Kingdom successfully removed a man's prostate with a robotic device for the first time. 

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