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Robot surgically removes prostate for first time

Prostate cancer is a serious disease, which is why health professionals encourage individuals to do everything in their power to reduce their chances of developing the condition. Eating healthy and taking a natural prostate pill are steps which may help to fight prostate cancer. But for those who do develop the disease, a new advancement out of England may provide some comfort: For the first time ever, a robot has been successfully used in a prostate-removal operation.

BBC News reports that surgeons at Stepping Hills Hospital in Greater Manchester utilized a hand-held robot while operating on a patient with prostate cancer. According to the hospital, this robot had a greater degree of flexibility than the human wrist. Additionally, the robot is more precise and quicker than a person, allowing for improved stitching.

The hospital further notes that the robot can be used for other forms of surgery, including gynecological, gastrointestinal and urologic operations.

Similar robots have been installed in American hospitals, but so far none have removed a prostate.

While this and other technological advancements should give hope to those suffering from prostate cancer, healthy individuals should continue to take steps to reduce their likelihood of contracting the illness. A natural prostate pill may be one part of a successful health regimen.

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